How to Clean And Care For Your Glasses For Long Lasting Wear

How to Clean And Care For Your Glasses For Long Lasting Wear

There are few better feelings than a great pair of new glasses — not only for your eye health, but also for the stylish boost they add to your outfits. Finding the perfect pair can only be dampened by the frustration of barely being able to see through them due to the wear and tear they’ve sustained. No one should spend days searching for the perfect pair of glasses to buy online, only to have to purchase a replacement just a few months later. To help, here are some tips and tricks to keep your glasses in the best possible shape for years to come by properly cleaning your glasses, adjusting your glasses, and removing scratches from your glasses.

How To Clean & Care For Glasses:

  • It’s important that you use a microfiber cloth and water to gently cleanse your lenses. Make sure you don’t clean them dry, as debris can cause surface scratches. DIFF's Cleaning Care Kits are perfect for cleaning your glasses and it comes with everything you need.
  • Be sure to avoid using tissues, paper towels, or napkins to clean glasses because the fibers can be abrasive. In addition, avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach to clean your lenses. The Large Cleaning Cloth would suite this specific need.
  • You also want to make sure to lay your glasses with the lenses facing up, and be sure to use a hard glasses case to transport your eyewear while traveling. DIFF's Triangle Case can help your glasses stay intact and on trend.
  • It is important that you always remember to not leave your glasses in a hot car, to prevent any heat damage. There are plenty of options in DIFF's Accessories page to help avoid this problem.

How To Adjust Glasses:

  • Tighten or loosen the nose pads for optimal comfort.
Maxwell eyeglasses in regal blue tortoise frames with prescription lens on a female model Maxwell Blue Light Glasses Jade eyeglasses with ultra violet frames and blue light technology lens on a female model Jade in Ultra Violet
Sawyer eyeglasses with black frames and blue light technology lens on a female model laying down Sawyer in Black Weston eyeglasses with amber tortoise frames and prescription lens on a male model Weston in Amber Tortoise

DIFF wants to make sure that all of your glasses will last for years to come, and that’s why we offer premium eyewear accessories to help perfectly preserve all of your glasses. With so many patterns and colors to choose from, you’ll be sure to have stylish protection for every one of your frames. Start with our classic Travel Case!