Project DIFF

Project DIFF: our worldwide programs to support empowerment and education. Through our Pouch Program crafting colorful sunglass cases in Uganda and our Tribe Alive partnership in Honduras making unique sunglass chains, we provide dependable incomes to female artisans and are helping to develop Little Angels School for 330+ students.

Co-founders Kennedy & Kelsey
Co-founders Kennedy & Kelsey

"Our partnership between DIFF and Little Angels School is much more than helping people—it is an endeavor to empower others to help themselves." Kelsey Sabo

What We Make

Pouches. Each pouch is handmade with love out of a vibrant East African textile, kitenge, which the fabric markets of Arua are known for. All pouch materials are purchased from the local markets in Uganda, supporting the local economy and small-business owners. Plus, the use of up-cycled mattress (which would otherwise be thrown into trash pits) offers a protective padding to keep your sunglasses safe while also helping the environment. Each pouch has a tag signed by its tailor so you can know who made it.

Who Makes Them

Project DIFF provides a job opportunity, supplemental income, and vocational skills to 15 local tailors. Additional programs for our tailors include money management training, health lessons, and peer-to-peer mentorship which allows for open discussion, growth, and leadership. It's not just a pouch, it's empowerment.

Featured Tailor: Sally

Where Your Money Goes

Education. 100% of pouch proceeds go back to Little Angels School to support them in accomplishing their goal to create a safe, positive environment for learning with all of the necessary resources. To date, pouch proceeds have built classrooms, bathrooms, and offices. They have gone to providing health exams, new desks, books, and electricity. And there is still much more to be done.

diff x tribe alive

DIFF’s passion for quality, handcrafted products goes beyond our sunglasses. Through our partnership with Tribe Alive, we continue our passion to empower women around the world. Each sunglass chain is handmade by 10 female artisans in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and provides them with a sustainable, living wage to support her family. Sulema, one of our skilled artisans in Honduras, uses her income from crafting these sunglass chains to support her 17 dependents.

Tribe Alive Sunglass Chains
Project Diff Tribe Alive Sunglass Chains
Project Diff Tribe Alive Sunglass Chains
Project Diff Tribe Alive Sunglass Chains

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