Madison Mealy carrying daughter pointing to a tree on her shoulders

When it comes to fashion, fun and function are in.


What led you to collaborate with DIFF Eyewear for this collection?

Funnily enough, seven years ago when I began taking my first jobs on social media, DIFF was one of my very first brand partners! Now, years later, being able to create my own line with DIFF feels like such a full-circle moment. I’ve been a customer of theirs for years and years, and I adore the fact that they use their brand for so much good.

How would you describe the aesthetic of this collection?

Anyone who has followed me knows I’m a pretty casual gal. As a mom who lives a very active and outdoor-centered life, if it’s not comfy/functional, I’m usually not a fan. I do love finding ways to elevate simple outfits, though, and I really feel like these frames do just that! I’ve worn them with sweatsuits, simple flowy dresses, and jeans with cowboy boots. I LOVE the way they compliment minimal looks. While they are simple, I think they are SO fun. 

How do you want people to feel when wearing your collection?

I hope whoever puts these frames on feels comfortable and beautiful! While they will fit most face shapes and sizes, I personally have a VERY tiny head, and often frames do not fit well. We ensured that these are versatile and “tiny head friendly,” so everyone can feel confident wearing them!

What made you want to start a new career as a lifestyle influencer?

Initially, it just began as a way to document Blake and I's life in Hawaii way back in the day with fun photos. "Influencing” definitely wasn’t as common back then. I truly had no idea what I was doing! Our community has grown so much since then. Social media has given me a wonderful outlet over the years to express myself and share our journey. 

Out of all your accomplishments, what are you the most proud of?

A cliché answer but truly: my family. Every day that they’re healthy and happy is a good day. 

It feels like you've created a really positive community online. Why is positivity so important?

There’s a LOT of negativity everywhere. Open social media and within seconds you can find strangers arguing and tearing each other down in any random comment section. I’ve thought so much about this and have come to this conclusion: we’re all doing this for the first time. Our childhoods and upbringings were all so different. Our everyday lives look so different.

I try to keep this in mind whenever I see negativity. Remembering I know so little about others reminds me to give them grace. I’ve found hatefulness from others is rarely ever personal, and those are usually the people who need kindness more than anyone. A huge goal of mine has been to create a community that feels warm, loving, and all-around happy, where everyone can feel like they are family.