Luxury Iconica Collection

Meet Iconica, our premium line. With a contemporary feel and innovative textures, these elegant styles are made for the modern trendsetter. Bring out the icon in you every day with luxury Iconica frames.

Background image of faded dreamy woman wearing sunglasses and sunglasses under water in a pool

Luxury you can feel and quality you see. Timeless style meets classical glam for an elevated experience. It's more than sunglasses - it's a lifestyle. Adorn yourself in luxe moments. Adorn yourself in Iconica.

Young woman leaning against a large wooden door wearing a black dress and tan coat and wearing white-framed oversized Iconica sunglasses


It's the way you carry yourself when you walk. It's the carefully selected signature scent. It's the energy you bring into a room. And it's the perfect pair of premium-crafted sunglasses. The details matter. Find your elegance. Find your luxury. Find your Iconica.