What to Look for in a Pair of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

What to Look for in a Pair of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

With the increased use of tech devices and products, many people experience blurred vision, dry eyes, and eye strain on a consistent basis. The blue light that is emitted from computers, phones, and flatscreen televisions is known to have a harmful effect because it can’t be filtered properly and can affect both the cornea and retina. Fortunately, blue light blocking glasses are available to filter artificial blue light to avoid having to limit the use of the devices or suffer from the long-term effects. When you’re ready to own your first pair of blue light blocking glasses, it’s important to know what to look for to ensure that you get plenty of use out of the product.

Consider the Lenses

When you begin shopping around for the right product, keep in mind that all blue light blocking glasses are not created equal. Each product varies in how much blue light it blocks and filters, which makes it necessary to know the right type of item to purchase. Select lenses that have a yellow tint, which is known to be more effective when compared to blue light glasses with clear lenses. Non-prescription and prescription blue light blocking glasses can only block five to 40 percent of blue light between a spectrum of 400 and 495 nm, which may not be as sufficient for those who spend several hours on the computer each day. Lenses that block more than 40 percent of blue light begin to have a yellow tint. Purchase glasses that clearly label how much blue light is blocked to ensure you can use an item that will be effective in protecting the cornea and retina from damage.

Yellow lens blue blockers can filter 45 to 75 percent of blue light that is between 400 to 495 nm. These glasses are ideal for those who spend most of the day indoors under fluorescent lights or staring at the computer screen while working. Orange lens blue blockers are also available, which block up to 100 percent of blue light of a spectrum of 400 to 495 nm. The glasses should not be worn during the day, which can disrupt the sleep cycle and can affect how your brain functions if you’re never exposed to blue light throughout the day. The strong lenses are more ideal for those who spend a significant amount of time on their phone, computer, or watching television at night to ensure that melatonin can continue to be produced, which helps the body to fall asleep when it’s time for bed.

Red blue light blocking lenses are also an option and are known to filter both blue and green light spectrum wavelengths from 400 to 570 nm, which allows them to work more effectively. The lenses are known as “sleep glasses” that have a red tint and don’t block the green or violet spectrum. 

Different types of blue light blocking glasses can be purchased for various activities and tasks that are performed during the day and night to ensure that the sleep cycle isn’t disrupted by blocking too much or too little of the blue light, depending on what they’re used for.

Comfortable Fit

Although blue light blocking glasses are made to be functional and protect the eyes, they should also offer a high level of comfort to ensure that they’re enjoyable to wear. The glasses should fit well on the bridge of the nose without squeezing it. They should also stay put when looking down without sliding off. Move your face in different directions to ensure that the glasses remain secure. The arms of the glasses should also be parallel to one another without too much pressure applied to the temples, which can lead to headaches. 

Select the Right Style

The style of glasses that you wear should reflect your taste and wardrobe to ensure that they complement different outfits that you wear throughout the week. If you want to look professional in the office, consider a thin-framed pair of glasses that are minimal and have a clean design. Thick black frames are also classic and work well in professional settings for both men and women. Women who want a feminine pair of glasses can opt for cat-eye frames or frames with a rose color shade. Some people who are looking for a hip pair of glasses can choose transparent frames that are edgy and modern. Choose a stylish pair of glasses that can be worn while working and also for going out in public to ensure that you have a bit of versatility with the frames while avoiding too much exposure to blue light.