Glasses Styles That Are Making a Comeback

Glasses Styles That Are Making a Comeback


Whether people are wearing them as corrective lenses or to make a fashion statement, eyeglasses are easily becoming one of the most beloved fashion statements of the year. Even better, styles that many believed were left in the past are now making a comeback, once again finding love with a new generation and those who sported them years ago. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the glasses styles that are making a comeback, what people love about them, and how you can incorporate them into your life to make you a member of the fashion elite. 

Back with a Bang

The first styles we will take a look at are those retro frames made popular in the ’70s and ’80s. Those of the older generation, who wore corrective lenses during these years remember all too well the thick frames and oversized looks. Those who found themselves wishing they could rid themselves of these types of frames back then are now wishing they’d held on to them. With a splash of color or a complete lack thereof, many of the glasses frames we tossed in the junk drawer when the ’90s rolled around with a bang. 

The oversized square-shaped frames are one of the most popular types of glasses on the market today. These thick frames are designed to fit large on the face, which draws attention to the person wearing them. Whether you are a fan of popping colors, a translucent appearance, or a more mingled retro look, you’ll find yourself being the talk of any room you walk in when you sport this fashionable comeback look. 

Round frames, like those worn by some of the legends of the ’70s and ’80s, are another type of glasses style that is making a huge comeback. Men and women alike find themselves drawn to these great looking frames thanks to their size and the flattering they offer. 

One of the most popular frames that are once again all the rage are the classic cat-eye frames. These frames offer women the sex appeal they’ve been dreaming off. No matter the color is chosen, these amazing glasses can easily capture the attention of everyone you meet throughout the day. 

A Rainbow of Colors

No matter which of these glasses styles you choose, one of the best parts is the assortment of colors you’ll have at your disposal. Whether you want to go with a popping red that cannot be ignored, a bold mingle, or the translucent frames that are all the rage now you’ll find yourself being the envy of all your friends. These amazing colors can easily be matched to the comeback style of your dreams to give you the style you’ve been hoping for. 

The Classics

No one can discuss glasses styles that are making a comeback without talking about a few classic styles that never completely faded away. One of these is the ever-popular semi-rimless glasses. This style gives you a bit of both world. You have the rimless fit and feel that many people prefer along with the colors and boldness of thick rims that are sure to make a statement. 

Another classic that has taken on a bit of an upgrade are Aviators. Normally, these types of frames are associated with sunglasses. Not anymore. Now Aviator frames are being adjusted to fit faces better, but keeping the stylish look people expect. Great for making a fashion statement, these new frames are sure to be a favorite for years to come. 

Now that you’ve learned a bit about the glasses styles that are making a comeback, the time has come for you to pick the ones best suited for you. Whether you want to go bold, keep it simple, or try something new, the time has never been better to grab the perfect pair of glasses for your keen fashion sense.