Tips for Taking Pictures with Sunglasses

Tips for Taking Pictures with Sunglasses

With Summer quite literally around the corner, you’re probably going to be spending a lot more time outside (which is great, vitamin D and a great tan does the body good), a lot more time doing cool stuff, and a lot more time with friends. What does that mean? You’re going to want to commemorate all of these great times with photos. Gone are the days where you can just stand in front of the camera and just give a little smile - thanks Instagram. In a world full of likes, retweets, and comments, you’ve got to take your photos from blah to bam! You never know when one of your pics may just go viral.

We’re going to give you some tips on how to look awesome while posing in your sunglasses.

Know Your Face

First things first, make sure you actually buy sunglasses that are perfect for your face. There’s no salvaging the photo if you’re giving us improper source material. When buying sunglasses, make sure to know what kind of frames work best with your face shape.

o   Heart-shaped face – You’re going to want to be on the lookout for anything that provides more width at the top and is narrow at the bottom, as that’ll work best for you. Try our Becky II.

o   Oval face – You can wear any frame, lucky you. Since anything works for you, be bold, try our Cleo’s.

o   Square face – Look for round frames or ones with dynamic angles. Our Goldie style would be perfect for this face shape.

o   Round face – Any oversized or angular frame works best with this face type. Try our Becky frames or Piper.

Beware of the Glare!

Nothing can ruin a great photo quite like a glare, but never fear, as there are a lot of ways to side step that particular problem.

o   Be aware of your angles – Something as simple as tilting or turning your head is all it could take to rid yourself of that glaring problem. A quick side shuffle could also make a world of difference. Tilting the glasses is a nice trick that no one usually considers. Just tilt them slightly forward so that they’re angled downward but retaining a normal appearance from head on and you’ll be set! You can also ask the photographer to adjust their angle as well. Shooting at a slight overhead angle would definitely help.

o   Get some backlighting – The ultimate way to punch out glare. Most times, backlighting can actually ruin a photo by overpowering the subject (or hiding you in shadows), but if you have backlight against the sun, the two light sources will balance each other out, leaving you to bask in the glow. It can also add some really fun dynamics to the natural light, which is always an added bonus.

o   Be mindful of mirrored lenses – This one is a bit more of a personal preference kind of thing. Some sunglasses have mirrored surfaces, which can ultimately end up with your photographer inadvertently in the photo with you. Or, if you’re taking a selfie, you’ll end up with a selfi-ception situation.

Dynamic Posing

You don’t have to just stand head on in front of the camera and expect magic to happen. Sometimes, you’ve got to work for it a little. Be a little fun, try getting some wind in your hair (it works for Beyoncé) or do something fun with your hands. Let the picture tell a story through your pose. Looking flirty or even a little silly certainly won’t hurt. Remember, smiling helps! With sunglasses, you’re blocking out people’s ability to read your expression naturally, so hamming it up a bit may be necessary.