How to Properly Clean Your Glasses

How to Properly Clean Your Glasses

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to see through a dirty, smudged pair of eyeglasses. However, with as busy as the majority of us are, it can easily become difficult to find the time to clean your glasses on a daily basis. Taking whatever time you can to clean your glasses is still important, however - even cleaning them effectively once a week is better than never cleaning them at all. That being said, here are the steps you should take to render your glasses squeaky clean every time.

Wash Your Hands

Before you do anything with your glasses, it is important to first wash your hands thoroughly. Our skin secretes natural oils that can smudge your lenses, ruining all the work you’ve put into cleaning them in just an instant. This also cleans your hands of any dirt that has already accumulated, as well as any lotions or moisturizers you may have applied beforehand. Remember to dry your hands completely as well!

Wet Your Lenses

Start your tap and adjust it until the water flows lukewarm and at a gentle speed. You don’t want to blast your eyeglasses with water that is freezing cold or scalding hot. In fact, water that is too hot can harm the coating of your lenses. Rinsing your lenses beforehand not only helps the soap to do its job more easily, but it also removes some of the surface level dirt and dust right off the bat.

Apply Soap

When it comes to cleaning your lenses, plain dish soap will do the trick just fine. Squeeze just a small droplet on each lens. Try to avoid hand soaps or dish soaps that are formulated for handwashing as well, as these particular types of soaps contain moisturizers and other ingredients that can leave smudges. Build up a light lather as you scrub the lenses and work outward to the frames.


Take the time to wash, rinse, and dry your hands again before you rinse off your glasses. This will, again, rid your hands of excess oils and other buildup. Once your hands are washed and dried, begin rinsing your glasses. Use lukewarm water, just like you did during the first rinse. Keep rinsing until you’ve gotten rid of all of the soap.


Shake your glasses gently, as this will help to get rid of any excess water. Afterward, give your lenses a glance-over to make sure they’ve gotten clean.

Dry with a Clean Cloth

The second stage of the drying process involves running a clean cloth over your glasses. This will remove any water that remains on your glasses. Only use a microfiber cloth to dry off your glasses, as other options (such as paper towels or rags) tend to be too abrasive and will only leave scratches behind. A microfiber cloth can also get rid of any smudges you may have missed during the cleaning process. And the best part is you can get your own cleaning cloth here.

We hope this guide makes your next glasses cleaning session easier and more efficient. The next time you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our inventory and general services.