How to Choose Sunglasses to Complete Your Summer Look

How to Choose Sunglasses to Complete Your Summer Look

Nothing’s better than a bright summer day no matter where you live. Having a good pair of sunglasses can make any outdoor activity more enjoyable, and most importantly, protect your eyes significantly. While selecting the right color of frames and lenses is important to most people, it shouldn’t necessarily be the only priority when choosing the right sunglasses. Remember, the main idea for sunglasses is to protect the eyes -- so UV protection is critical. We’ve got you covered with some of the most important factors to consider when choosing sunglasses this summer to make your outdoor experiences more enjoyable.

UV Protection Is Highest Priority 

Sunglasses with 100% UV protection should be the only ones you consider buying. Too many people don’t prioritize this factor, and that can take a toll as time goes on. The source of many short-term and long-term eye problems revolve around sun damage, and the best way to prevent that damage is wearing sunglasses with complete UV protection. A mistake people often make is thinking the darker the lenses are, the more UV protection they offer. The shade of the lenses does not impact the amount of UV protection, so it’s important to check out the label.

Polarized Lenses Reduce Glare

Sunglasses with polarized lenses are designed more for comfort than actual protection. If you spend a lot of time out on the water during the summer, polarized lenses are a must-have. They will neutralize the glare and reflection of the sun off of the water to make the sunglasses even more effective. But even if you don’t spend much time on the water, polarized lenses can still reduce the glare and reflection off of pavement and other surfaces. Just remember polarization does not equal UV protection, so your best option should include both polarized lenses and 100% UV protection, since they are separate factors.

Oversized Sunglasses Protect Better 

Larger sunglasses offer much more protection than ones running straight across the eyes. If someone can see your eyes clearly when they stand at your side, then the sun’s rays can also sneak through. Even if the sun isn’t directly in the eyes, it could still cause some damage due to the exposure. Oversized lenses don’t necessarily wrap all the way around the eyes, but they do offer more protection, which is the ultimate goal when finding summer sunglasses.

Matching Sunglasses Based On Face Shape

From an appearance standpoint, selecting sunglasses based on your face shape is a must. Here are some tips:

  • Round Face: You have some options when it comes to selecting sunglasses if you have a round face. You could go with round frames to keep your natural features going, but most people choose to add some angular features by selecting slightly rectangular frames instead.

  • Oval Face: People with an oval-shaped face are usually better off with angular frames. Think of aviator-type frames and you’ll be on the right track, since they complement perfectly with the longer lower half of the face and rounded jawline.

  • Square Face: People with a square face typically shouldn’t select angular sunglasses. Balancing out the angles is a must, so choosing round or oval frames will neutralize the angles well.

  • Oblong Face: An oblong face shape is nothing to be concerned about when it comes to selecting sunglasses. You actually will have more options with an oblong face shape, but most people with these features look best with oversized sunglasses.

Look For The Best Value Depending On Budget Concerns

One of the best tips to help narrow down your selection is to have a budget and a list of features you want in your sunglasses. You can eliminate any options that don’t have 100% UV protection for sure. The optional feature depending on your preference is polarization, which is highly recommended if you spend a significant amount of time outdoors during the summer, especially on the water. After that, try as many different styles as you can to get a feel for which ones look best on you. The wrap-around style and oversized lenses should be strong considerations due to the protection they offer, but you also need to feel comfortable with how you look when wearing your sunglasses.

The right pair of sunglasses can offer great protection and a stylish appearance for many summers. We hope these tips helped you start thinking in the right direction to narrow down your options and find the perfect pair based on your preferences.