DIFF’s Guide to Different Types of Sunglasses

DIFF’s Guide to Different Types of Sunglasses

Sunglasses have existed in their most primitive form since the prehistoric times but became what we now know as modern day shades around the 1920s and ‘30s when a company called Crookes began mass-producing inexpensive celluloid tinted lenses. In 1937, Ray Ban created their signature aviator frames for World War II soldiers and quickly made the style available to the public after immediate interest from celebrities and civilians. From there, the popularity of sunglasses grew, with Polaroid making the biggest stride in the 1930s with polarized lenses. The 1940s saw a boom in plastic round frames, with playful details like flower petals and contrasting colors becoming popular. In the 1950s, we were introduced to the iconic cat-eye frame, the Wayfarer frame, and finally the mod, oversized round and square frames of the ‘60s. From the ‘70s till now, we’ve seen many of the signature frames that have inspired brands time and time again including the glam, oversized square and aviator frames, the preppy Clubmaster style, and the smaller oval shape popular in the ‘90s. 

With so many design styles to choose from, it’s hard to know which types of sunglasses are most flattering. Different frames work best on different faces. Here are the six main face shapes and the style of glasses that best complement them:

Below is a guide that visually explains which glasses work for which face shapes.

Glasses for Round Face Shape:

Reese eyeglasses with amber tortoise frames with blue light technology on a female model

Reese in Amber Tortoise

Bella XS eyeglasses with black frames and blue light technology product image

Bella in Matte Black 

Round faces are generally wider and longer. The best glasses for round face shapes are rectangle and square frames that offset roundness and draw more attention to the eyes. 

Glasses for Square Face Shape:

Scout sunglasses with brushed silver frames and brown gradient lens on a female model

Scout in Brushed Silver 

Banks eyeglasses with rose crystal frames and blue light technology product image

Banks in Rose Crystal 

Square face shapes tend to have a wide jawline and broader forehead. The best glasses for square faces are circular frames, like round and aviator shaped lenses that soften hard angles.

Glasses for Oval Face Shape:

Bella XS eyeglasses with black frames and blue light technology on a female model

Bella XS in Black 

Lenox sunglasses with gold frames and blue gradient polarized lens on a female model

Lenox in Gold

Oval faces have more balanced proportions between the jawline and the forehead, making this face shape more versatile in terms of styles and frame options. The best glasses for oval face shapes are any shape, but include square and aviator frames. 

Glasses for Rectangle Face Shape:

Blair sunglasses with dark tortoise frames and gold mirror lens product image

Blair in Dark Tortoise

Bella 2 sunglasses in cream tortoise frames with grey gradient lens on a female model

Bella II in Cream Tortoise

Rectangular faces are usually longer than they are wide, with all features fairly proportional in distance. The best glasses for rectangle face shapes are square and rectangle frames that complement face length.

Glasses for Diamond Face Shape:

Daisy sunglasses in brushed silver frames and brown gradient frames on a female model

Daisy in Brushed Silver

Remy sunglasses with champagne gold frames with transparent pink frames on a female modelRemy in Champagne Gold

Diamond face shapes are characterized by an angled jawline, full cheekbones, and more narrow forehead. The best glasses for diamond face shapes are round and rimless frames which soften the features and add volume to cheekbones.

Glasses for Heart Face Shape:


Mya sunglasses in amber tortoise frames with blue flash lens on a female model

Mya in Amber Tortoise

Nova sunglasses with champagne frames and champagne lens on a female model

 Nova in Champagne

Heart-shaped faces have broader foreheads and more prominent cheekbones with a narrow chin. The best glasses for heart-shaped faces are round and geometric frames that soften face angles while hard lines can balance out the face shape. 

Finding the best kinds of sunglasses for your face shape not only helps with picking the most flattering styles, but it makes choosing your new favorite pairs of sunglasses easier than ever. From round to rectangle, to square or heart-shaped, DIFF has all oversized, cat eye, aviator, round, and square frame glasses to complement all face shapes and personal styles.