New Partnership with Heal The Bay!

Lots of excitement in the works here at DIFF, especially on the charitable end. Recently we have dedicated more time to researching and planning different ways to give back. As I touched on in the "not just giving, but teaching" article, our mentality about charity is shifting. Shifting from a simple donation model to a more involved mission. We want to help improve our world and our communities here at home. 

Our team loves the ocean and is passionate about sustaining our environment. Most of us see the coast every day, whether we are surfing, heading to the office, or from our bedroom windows. We were talking in the office a few weeks ago and decided to get involved.

That is when we got in touch with Heal The Bay, a local charity that cleans the beaches and educates people on the importance of sustaining our aquatic ecosystem. 



In talking with them, we learned that:


And you better believe the DIFF team is registered and ready to help, along with thousands of people nationwide, preserve our beautiful pacific coast. 

If this seems like something that would interest you too register here!

This is only the beginning of our partnership with Heal the Bay. We are in the process of planning regular DIFF clean up events along the coast, donating product, and learning more about what needs to be done to keep our oceans safe.



Thanks DIFF Fam. Stay Tuned and Hope to see ya there!