DIFF Charity Update

Here at DIFF Eyewear, giving back is our highest priority.  We are really excited to share some updates about our charity donations and what we have been able to do in the world because of you.  We launched our business in November 2014, and it’s amazing to us how far we have come in such a short period of time. Fortunately, the public has reacted very well to the quality of our product paired with our socially conscious efforts and because of that we have been able to donate thousands of reading glasses that have changed the lives of many.

When we started this company our idea was to donate one pair of reading glasses for each pair of sunglasses that we sold.  We spent months trying to figure out which organization we should align ourselves with. After much research we were finally graced with the perfect charity partner.  We decided to go with  “Eyes on Africa”,  a 501 c(3), which is an extremely transparent, and beautifully run charity founded by a woman named Sherry Grigsby.  It was very important for us to find a smaller charity with proven impact and results so we could track exactly where all of our donated product goes.

Our first donation event was at Chattsworth High School, a school in which Sherry used to teach at for many years prior to her retirement.  We went down for an event that she started called “Tag em and Bag em” where students help sort reading glasses by magnification strength and are given college credits in return.  After the glasses are sorted and boxed properly they are sent off to specific regions in rural Africa for final distribution.  

This distribution of the glasses has no religious ties, or requirements for eligibility. Simply put, anyone qualifies! The amazing people who carry out these distributions go above and beyond to make sure that people within their regions get the eyewear they need to help them live a positive life. We will be showcasing these distributions here on our blog.  

We want to thank all of our supporters for helping make such a positive impact both here and around the world.