Solution to Lost Sunglasses and How to Keep Track of Them

Solution to Lost Sunglasses and How to Keep Track of Them

Most people use their sunglasses on a daily basis when spending time outdoors to block the sun and improve their vision. Due to how often sunglasses are put on and taken off, it can be easy to lose or misplace them. If you want to keep track of your favorite pair of shades, there are a few main tips to follow to avoid losing them again. 

Purchase a Neck Cord

Neck cords continue to be a common accessory that is used with sunglasses because they can allow you to keep your frames around your neck and avoid setting them down somewhere where they can become misplaced a lot easier. Although it may not be fashionable, it will prove to be useful each day. Neck cords offer a high level of convenience to ensure that your glasses are within reach and are easy to find. They will also stay in a safe place without the risk of getting crushed or smudged. As part of our charitable mission, we have limited edition sunglass chains is handmade by female artisans in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  Not only are they stylish and handmade, but they help support the artisans and their families.

Use a Case

Without a case, it can be easy for sunglasses to become misplaced because they don’t have a home. Cases are easy to carry while on the go and will allow you to always have a place to store your shades, whether in your briefcase, purse, or backpack. There are many different types of cases, whether you prefer to use a soft or hard shell product to protect your sunglasses from damage. Most glasses come with a case, which makes it easy to have it on hand at all times to ensure it’s easy to find. Cases also prove to be useful because they’re bulky and large, which makes it easy to find when stored in your bag or vehicle. If you want to make the case easy to spot with other items you own, consider using a case that has a bright color shade to make it stand out.

A visor clip is an additional accessory that can be used to store the glasses in your car to ensure they are always within reach when you’re on the go. The clip attaches to the visor inside of your car with a simple snap. You can avoid having to dig around in your center console or purse for your shades and have them in a safe place where they won’t suffer from scratches or damage.

Keep a Few Extra Pairs on Hand

If you have a habit of losing your sunglasses frequently, opt for buying a few extra pairs that can be stored in different places. With multiple sunglasses, it’ll be easy to find a pair to use when you’re in the car or are headed outdoors. Make it a point to purchase a few  different styles to distinguish between which glasses belong in each place

Create a Routine

Creating a routine when you use your sunglasses will make it easier to keep them in sight once you take them off each time. Create a plan for where they are to be placed when they’re not worn, whether it includes clipping them onto the neck of your t-shirt or putting them in a pocket of your backpack. Having consistency and creating a new habit for how you handle your sunglasses after they are worn will allow you to store them in the same place each time they’re used.

Avoid Setting the Sunglasses Down

One of the most common causes of lost sunglasses is setting them down in a random place when you’re not aware of where they’re placed. You will need to have a bit of discipline with the rule to ensure that they’re at less of a risk with becoming lost. Place them in an area that you visit frequently and is safe, but avoid placing them on the kitchen countertop or on a table where they’ll be easy to forget. If you plan to spend time in a new setting or area, avoid bringing the sunglasses at all to avoid losing them. You may be inconvenienced by having the sun in your eyes, but it will allow you to avoid the inconvenience and hassle of having to look for lost shades if you decide to bring them along. This means leaving them at home or in your car if you plan to visit the movie theaters, a restaurant, or a friend’s house.

Create a Home for the Sunglasses 

Items that you own are less at risk of becoming lost if you create a home for them where they can be stored when they are not in use. Whether they’re attached to a visor clip in your car or are placed in a sunglasses case, you can have peace of mind knowing where to find them each time they need to be worn. Additional places to store the sunglasses include in the center console of your car, in a sunglass storage compartment in the ceiling of the vehicle, or a side pocket of your purse.

Keep the Sunglasses with an Important Item

It will be difficult to lose your sunglasses if you store them with an important item that you can’t live without. Consider keeping them with your car keys at all times or with your wallet to ensure they are less likely to be misplaced. You won’t be able to leave them behind if they’re sitting next to another item that you can’t leave without.

Make the Frames Glow in the Dark

An easy and creative way of keeping track of your sunglasses is to apply a strip of glow in the dark paint on the frames, which will allow them to stand out in your trunk, purse, or junk drawer. The paint will dry clear to ensure that it’s not visible when the sunglasses are worn during the day and will only glow in the dark when the frames aren’t in use to ensure you can avoid wasting hours in search of them.

Allow your phone to locate your sunglasses once they become lost by using a device called LOOK, which is designed to track the item after clipping it onto the inside arms of the frames. The tiny device is discrete and can easily connect to Bluetooth or your mobile phone for an easy way to locate the sunglasses with the app. The technology will prove to be a time-saver and can allow you to avoid feeling stressed if you can’t remember the last place that you set them down. It will also allow you to evaluate your habits and where you’re prone to leaving them behind each time to avoid repeating the mistake in the future.