How to Disinfect Your Glasses to Protect Against COVID-19

How to Disinfect Your Glasses to Protect Against COVID-19

Nothing is more distracting from a great pair of frames than smudged lenses, but with the recent global pandemic you're probably even more concerned with the best way to clean your glasses.

While you might be tempted to disinfect your glasses to protect against COVID-19, literally sanitizing your glasses should not be your goal, nor is it necessary. Yes, you want to keep your lenses and frames clean and germ-free (they sit on your face where COVID-19 could be contracted, after all)  but disinfecting them with the same chemical cleaners you'd use on your kitchen counter can not only damage your frames, it can be hazardous to your eyes and skin.

How often should I clean my glasses?

Under normal circumstances, cleaning your glasses daily is recommended, just like wiping down your phone and other high-touch areas. Add COVID-19 to the mix plus a possible return to work or school, and cleaning your glasses more often is a good idea, especially if you're out interacting with others. 

What types of cleaners should I use to disinfect my glasses?

Disinfectants and other harsh chemicals are not recommended for cleaning your glasses. Aside from scratching and damaging the surface of your lenses and frames, you don't want bleach, ammonia, or other solvents near your eyes or on your skin. In fact, you should approach cleaning your glasses the same way you do your hands: warm water, gentle soap, dry, and repeat often. 

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How do I clean my glasses during COVID-19?

The easiest and most effective way to clean your glasses is to:

  1. Run your glasses under lukewarm water so they are completely wet.
  2. Gently rub liquid dish soap with your fingertips onto the lenses and cover them completely. 
  3. You can clean the nose pads and frames of your glasses using the same method.
  4. Rinse your glasses until the suds are completely gone.
  5. Wipe your glasses using a dry microfiber cloth (like the one included with your DIFF glasses!) Do NOT use a paper towel to dry your glasses — the fibers in paper towels will scratch.

What about lens cleaners and pre-moistened cloths?

Cleaning sprays and packaged wet cloths that are made specifically for lenses are a solid option for when you're on the go. Our DIFF Cleaning Care Kits contain a travel-size lens spray,  screw tightener, and a microfiber cloth in one flexible, pocket-size case that you can throw in your bag or glove compartment. Check them out here

You’ve got your style covered with your favorite pair of DIFFs — now you know how to keep it clean and safe, too! Be well.