The Impact the Pouch Program Feat. Kelsey Sabo

The first round of the Sabo Project was such a beautiful success.

Thanks to all of you, we SOLD OUT of the pouches within the first month and put 100% of the proceeds towards developing the Little Angels Primary School. Kelsey explained to us that an administration office was number one priority, because a school isn't considered to be "official" until there is a real office building for the Head Teacher and the Deputy Head Teacher to work out of.  These offices are where Parent-Teacher conferences take place and where the student "guidance and counseling" sessions are held. Before the administration office was built, the teachers were functioning out of a small space in the back of the compound. 


Second, we were able to purchase new, clean jerseys for the Little Angels girls and boys sports teams. Since sports are such an important aspect of the African culture, as they are all over the world, these fresh new uniforms were an indescribable gift to the students. These kids were told two weeks before competitions that they weren't going to be allowed to compete this year because they didn't have "official" uniforms like all the other teams.  So Kennedy (the head deputy and founder of Little Angels) traveled for seventeen hours over three days, to get uniforms from the capital and return in time for the games. The kids played their hearts out and the boys got third in the division and the girls got second - plus, they looked sharper than the rest in their new get-ups. 

The Sabo Project is a spectacular program that impacts the community in such a positive way. As previously mentioned, Little Angels Primary School is one of the first in Africa that does not enforce corporal punishment on the student body. From the DIFF Team here at home, our friend Kelsey Sabo, the Deputy Teacher Kennedy, the group of tailors that make the pouches, and all of the students and parents at Little Angels, we thank you. 

Kelsey shared these pictures with us and wrote a message for all of you: 

" It may only seem like a building and some uniforms but this first round of the Sabo Project has had an insurmountable impact in the community.  A fire has been lit in the parents, pupils, school owner, admin, and myself to improve this school and that when we invest our time, energy, and love into it, success will come.  So thank you to all who purchased pouches or encourage your friends to, look at what you helped do!!  

Our second round of pouches look even better, and will help us achieve the next three priorities of Little Angels Primary and Nursery School: electricity, security (lockable doors and windows), and library goodness (construction, stocking with books, and making shelves)!!! Keep up the love and support and let's keep making this school great!!"

Below is a picture of Kelsey and Kennedy sending out the next round of pouches. Can't wait to share them with all of you!

Lots of Love. - DIFF Family