Not Just Giving, But Teaching

DIFF CHARITABLE EYEWEAR. We included the word charity into our brand logo as a constant reminder to never lose sight of our initial goal for this business - to help people. To truly make a DIFFerence. Originally, to do this we partnered with a charity called “Eyes on Africa” where we promised that for every pair of DIFF sunglasses sold we would donate a pair of reading glasses on that customer’s behalf. This has been an amazing experience and we feel very fortunate that we are in a position where we can help people that, in some cases, have never been able to see clearly. We have learned that the gift of sight really does change lives. 

As our business has grown, so have our outlooks, initiatives, and resources. With this expansion we have come to understand that donating reading glasses is only one avenue. We want to do more! With this we are working on charity ventures that involve more than a simple donation.

We have realized that giving people a tool that signifies a better life does not necessarily provide just that. So we have began investing in more hands on projects that give people purpose and teach lifelong empowerment.

One person specifically that has made this vision clear to us, is a woman that we work very closely with named Kelsey Sabo.

 Photo Taken by Kelsey

Who is Kelsey Sabo?

Kelsey is an amazing 23 year old, that left her life in New York over a year and a half ago to be a Peace Corp Volunteer in Africa. She currently resides in Uganda where she spends her time teaching students how to read and write. However, in her eyes the most important aspect of her job is teaching these young women and men self-empowerment. She works to instill her students with the belief that that they can be self reliant members of the world. Meeting Kelsey and understanding her outlook on donations has helped us establish new goals and partnerships that focus on not only giving people the necessary materials, but taking it one step further and teaching people how to use those tools to better themselves and grow.

We believe in this. We believe in Kelsey.

With this we are expanding our charity ventures from simple donations to social investments. Kelsey truly has made a huge impact on us here at DIFF and we are so so SO excited about the amazing charity initiatives we are currently working towards. The projects we have in place are amazing and so much more meaningful than we ever could have imagined. Stay tuned for more details coming soon :).

***To learn more about Kelsey and the work that she does, follow her on instagram @sabe_oh and/or take a look through her blog “”. 

Thank you Kels!