DIFF Charitable Eyewear Beach Clean-Up

DIFF Charitable Eyewear Beach Clean-Up

Did you know that each year approximately 1.4 billion* pounds of trash enters the ocean? Billion... with a “B”!!

As a sunglass company based in Southern California, it’s no surprise to hear that our local beaches are very near and dear to our hearts. Upon learning just  how much pollution affects our marine life and summer sanctuaries, we determined it was in our power to take action.

On Saturday, July 8th, the DIFF team spent the morning cleaning up trash and debris at one of our local beaches and boy, are we happy we did! Before our beach outing, we were under the impression that bottles, cans, and large pieces of trash would be the main source of harm to oceans and wildlife. Little did we know just how wrong we were.

A guest speaker from Heal the Bay joined us for our beach clean and we soon learned that the small pieces of trash pose the biggest danger to wildlife. Bits of balloon, string, napkins, straws, and styrofoam are some of the leading causes in ocean pollution and marine life deaths.

Picking up even the smallest pieces of trash greatly benefits our ocean and the wildlife animals who call it home. The same way that the smallest daily gestures can make the biggest impact!

Here at DIFF, we believe that the best way to make an impact is to take action with our “boots on the ground”. Or.. in our case, toes in the sand. Join us this month as we pledge to take initiative and help keep our beaches and neighborhoods clean!

Charitable Challenge: This month, DIFF challenges you to take action. Pick up those miscellaneous pieces of trash we’re often inclined to step over or walk around. The empty bag of chips left at a park, the soda bottle shoved in the bushes, even the takeout container someone left on the side of the road.

Let’s continue to work together to #makeaDIFFerence!

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