Ole Miss DG and DIFF give back to Mississippi Community #DGXDIFF

A few months ago we began a partnership with the Ole Miss Chapter of Delta Gamma Fraternity and yesterday the sisters FINALLY received their customized DIME II frames!

We personalized the lenses to represent the DG colors: Blue & Pink.



And of course we couldn't leave out the DG Anchor symbol. 

They came out great, and look amazing!

But the best part of this partnership is that we are able to give back to the state of Mississippi. A state that ranks 50th of all 50 states in poverty. 

Once we became aware of the serious need for resources in this community we decided to donate 5,000 pairs of reading glasses to the Ole Miss Chapter of the Delta Gamma Foundation for them to distribute to the people of Mississippi that really need it. 


Thank you ladies for "Doing Good" and making a DIFFerence with us!