Our most frequently asked questions, answered for your benefit. 

How do I earn DIFF Reward points?
For every $1 you spend with DIFF, you will receive 2 reward points. Plus, if you refer your friends, share on social or leave a review - you can earn even more points.
How do I get points for referring my friends?
Every time someone makes a $50+ purchase using your referral link, you’ll receive a $20 DIFF Reward. Your friend must be a new customer in order for the points to be issued.
When will I see my DIFF Reward points in my account?
Your points will be awarded as soon as your order ships.
How do I redeem my reward points?
At checkout, you can choose what amount of rewards you’d like to use from the ‘Rewards and Discount Code’ drop down.
Do my DIFF Reward points apply to sales, collabs, Blue Lights styles, prescription, etc?
Your DIFF Reward points can be used on everything except accessories, sale items, and collab styles.
When do my points expire?
Your points will expire at 11:59pm PST on January 31st, 2020.
Can I use my DIFF Reward points on sale items?
You can not redeem your DIFF Reward Points on the purchase of sale items. You will, however, earn reward points on every purchase, even when your order includes sale items.
Can I create my own custom code instead of a referral link?
We do not create custom codes for DIFF Rewards.
Can someone use my referral link more than once?
Your friends can only use your referral link on their first purchase.
Can I redeem points on previous transactions, prior to signing up for DIFF Rewards?
All points accrued will be after your DIFF Rewards account has been activated.
What happens to my DIFF Reward points if I make a return?
Any points earned from the returned purchase will be automatically removed from your account when the return is initialized.
Where can I find out how many points I’ve earned and information about my loyalty status?
Just visit https://www.diffeyewear.com/account/login to access your account. You can also access your account information by clicking on the profile icon at the top right corner of the DIFF site. Then log in to find your points total and loyalty status.