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A DIFFerence
You Can See

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Each pair purchased means better sight for someone in need.

Over 2.7 million people have received eye care from DIFF's Gift of Sight program.

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Globally 2.2 billion people have a vision impairment. Nearly half of visual impairments can be treated or prevented.

- The World Health Organization

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"I can see! Before I could not write. After I was operated on, I can write, play football, and ride my bicycle. I'm happy!"

We wanted to mark this special day by sharing how DIFF has been changing lives, like the life of eight-year-old Souleyman.

Souleyman lives in Senegal and used to have cataracts in both eyes. He was unable to live life to the fullest. But after receiving his sight-saving operation, Souleyman is now thriving!

Souleyman's life was changed thanks to our continued work with Sightsavers & the help of DIFF supporters like you. Each pair of DIFFs purchased means better sight for someone in need.

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DIFF x Sightsavers

Our partnership with Sightsavers allows us to provide sight-saving treatments to people in need through eye exams, surgeries, medicine, and more.

2.7 Million+ Lives Changed and Counting

Through our global partnership with Sightsavers and with the support of the DIFF community, together we've helped provide the gift of sight to over 2.7 million people in need.

2,000,000+ Lives Changed

You make a DIFFerence with every pair you purchase.

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Vision is Power.

At DIFF we believe that vision is power. That is why we are committed to creating a world where everyone has access to the vision care they need.

Through our partnership with Sightsavers, we’ve been able to help children like Philly (pictured) receive life-changing treatment. Philly is no longer at risk for the blinding disease, trachoma.

Designer Eyewear that Does More

Since 2015, you've helped us provide:

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$1.4 Million

Over $1.4 million dollars to over 300 charities.

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Over 27,000 sunglasses to support local charities.

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1.4 Million

Over 1.4 million reading glasses to people in need.

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2.7 Million+

Over 2.7 million lives changed thanks to our charitable initiatives.

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Thank you for helping us make a DIFFerence in this world!

You can make a DIFFerence with every DIFF purchase you make. Every purchase means better sight for someone in need! Help someone in need by clicking the link below.