How To Find The Right Glasses For Your Face Shape

How To Find The Right Glasses For Your Face Shape

We know that shopping for glasses can be difficult, especially if you can't try them on. Understanding your face shape can take the difficulty out of the process, and make finding your perfect style easier and more enjoyable. Here's your guide to identifying your face shape!



Heart shaped faces tend to have more wide-set foreheads and become more narrow towards the jaw. So to best compliment that shape, you can try a cat-eye. Both glasses styles have a wider top and more narrow bottoms - mimicking the angles of your face. 



If you have a round face shape, your widest facial point is your cheekbones — and you tend to narrow at the jaw and forehead. So to compliment the roundness, we suggest trying oversized or square shaped sunglasses. Feel free to play with the size and shape of those styles.


Oval shaped faces are more long than they are wide.  With that, shape is less important when considering your ideal shape. The focus here is primarily on balance and size. One of our favorite styles that compliments nearly every face shape is Cruz, the classic aviator. This shape is a great option because it compliments your face and doesn’t expand past the width of your face.   



Square shaped faces have wider foreheads, pronounced cheekbones, and a strong jawline. So the goal of your search is to find the perfect shape that softens and highlights your features. We’d suggest trying out a round shape, or even going adventurous with a stylish shield.